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From the Chair: Military Service Insights

By Amy Henry | January 2024

This issue of the newsletter is focused on “Connecting with Careers” and working at a CTE school, I am very passionate about the career in college and career. I have gone on many college tours but last year I decided to focus on career training so I participated in the Navy Educator Orientation in San Diego. I am so glad I went even though it was tough to leave work (all those college letters to write!). However, I learned so much about today’s Navy and it really helped dispel some of my preconceived notions.

I realized that a lot has changed in the 30 years since my friends and family members were in the military! During our tour, we visited firefighting, submarine and pilot training facilities. We went to the Navy Medical Center and were able to go on the USS Sterett. It is hard to narrow it to a few things but here are some of the key themes that I learned:
  • Because they train people for being on ships, everyone, regardless of rank, has to have some basic level of training. The navy provides a lot of opportunity for people to get exposure to different careers.
  • There is a lot of opportunity not only for on-the-job training but for pursuing further education and training. A lot of people did this while they were on shore duty. One of the most inspirational people we met was Petty Officer First Class Powell, who grew up in Brookings, Oregon. She started out enlisted and is finishing up her Ph.D. She was voted Naval Employee of the Year.
  • Since I work at a tech school, I loved seeing the training facilities at the Navy Medical Center. Also, the submarine training facility was fascinating and offers a lot of hands-on opportunity even if people are young and enlisted. If you have a student who is really interested in science, there are so many direct correlations to what they are learning in physics and chemistry.
  • If you have shore duty, many different living arrangements are possible. The navy has really nice apartments off base that had a college dorm atmosphere. Frankly, they were a lot nicer than a many dorms I have visited on college campuses.
I definitely felt that I gained some new tools for my toolbox when helping students look not only at the navy but other military branches. It also gave me some insight on how we are preparing students in general for careers.

If you are a high school counselor and are interested in participating, please let me know. For K–12 counselors, ASCA and ODE have some excellent resources for introducing to students to the world of work. View ODE resources.

From L: Amy Henry, OSCA Board chair; Petty Officer First Class Powell; and Alison Howell, college/career
Counselor at Gladstone High School

Contact Amy Henry, OSCA Board chair, at oscahsvp@oscainc.org.

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