About the Oregon School Counselor Association

Mission Statement

The mission of the Oregon School Counselor Association is to serve the needs of Oregon School Counselors.

OSCA does so by:

  • Providing professional school counselors with resources and training.
  • Collaborating with all stakeholders to advocate for equity, ethical practices, and professional identity regarding the role of school counseling.
  • Disseminating information and focusing public attention on legislation impacting school counseling work.
  • Promoting development and implementation of comprehensive school counseling programs as mandated in OAR 5810222060.

Approved by Membership Vote during the OSCA 2020 Annual Conference on 11/07/2020.

Board of Directors

As of July 1, 2024

Amy Henry


School Counselor - Benson Polytechnic High School; Portland Public Schools


Michelle Flores


School Counselor - Indian Hills Elementary; Hillsboro School District


Roberto Aguilar


School Counselor - Milwaukie High School; North Clackamas School District


Stacey Parrish


School Counselor - Ontario Middle School; Ontario 8-C School District


Heather Hadraba


Counselor Educator; Lewis & Clark College


Sakura Hamada


School Counselor; Portland Public Schools


Kelly Goforth


School Counselor - Roosevelt High School; Portland Public Schools


Anna Keifer

School Counselor - Warm Springs K-8 Academy; Jefferson County School District


Amy M. Muhler

Student Wellness Director overseeing Comprehensive School Counseling; Medford School District


Board Meeting Minutes

View the OSCA Bylaws (updated January 2021).

From left to right: Amy Henry, Michelle Flores, Stacey Parrish, Roberto Aguilar, Heather Hadraba, Sakura Hamada, Kelly Goforth, Anna Keifer, Amy M. Muhler

OSCA Committees

Advocacy Committee

Gene Eakin (Board Liaison), Oregon State University

Conference Planning Committee

Teresa Dowdy (Committee Chair), School Counselor at Central Elementary, La Grande School District

Awards & Scholarships Committee (Seasonal)

Amy Henry (Board Liaison), School Counselor at Benson Polytechnic High School, Portland Public Schools

Roberto Aguilar (Board Liaison), School Counselor at Milwaukie HS, North Clackamas School District

Professional Development Committee

Alyson Leatherman (Committee Chair), School Counselor and PhD Candidate in Counselor Education and Supervision

Legal & Ethical Committee - oscaethical@oscainc.org

Wendy Anderson (Board Liaison), School Counselor at South Salem High School, Salem-Keizer School District

Anthony Cannon (Committee Chair), School Counselor at Brockway Elementary School, Winston-Dillard School District

Communications Committee - communications@oscainc.org

Roberto Aguilar (Board Liaison), School Counselor at Milwaukie HS, North Clackamas School District

Tyler Davenport (Committee Chair), School Counselor at Culver High School, Culver School District

Membership Committee

Michelle Flores (Board Liaison), School Counselor at Indian Hills Elementary, Hillsboro School District

Rachel Reich (Committee Chair), School Counselor at Bridlemile Elementary, Portland Public Schools

Social Justice/Anti-Racism Committee

Sakura Hamada (Board Liaison), Portland Public Schools

Nominations & Elections Committee (Seasonal)

Amy Henry (Board Liaison), School Counselor at Benson Polytechnic High School, Portland Public Schools

Roberto Aguilar (Board Liaison), School Counselor at Milwaukie HS, North Clackamas School District

History of OSCA

OSCA has been chartered as the Oregon state division of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) since 1967. Prior to July 1, 2001, OSCA was a division of the American Counseling Association as well. Following the lead of the American School Counselor Association, many state associations, including Oregon, separated from their state counseling associations. Thus the Oregon School Counselor Association was birthed as an independent, non-profit, 501C-6 organization.

In these last few years, OSCA has been in an on-going process of transition, and we anticipate more significant changes in the future. Ours is an organization of all-volunteer leaders, most of whom are working school counselors with very busy jobs and full schedules. But we are a group of professionals dedicated to the children and families we serve, to this career that we love and to the organization of the Oregon School Counselor Association.

It has taken some years for OSCA to establish its own identity. We feel at this point we are there. Our list of new members continues to grow, which gives OSCA much encouragement for continued support of school counseling issues in our state. In addition to OSCA’s collaboration with the Oregon Department of Education on the Oregon Counseling and Guidance Framework, OSCA leaders are being invited to Teacher Standard and Practices Commission (TSPC) discussions regarding the direction of school counseling licensure, incorporating CACREP standards, ASCA National Standards and the ASCA National Model. We are part of the discussion concerning the Child Development Specialist licensure program through the Oregon Department in conjunction with the School Counselor licenses through TSPC.

We believe this website can help us in our efforts to keep all Oregon counselors informed and supported in this important work that we do for the children and families of our state.


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