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2016 OSCA Conference

2016 Board Member Voting

Voting matters and we want to hear from you!

Please take a few minutes to follow the SurveyMonkey link below, read through the candidate statements and cast your vote for the open board positions. The voting window will be open for 30 days and will close atMidnight on Tuesday, June 21st 2016. New Board members will be announced by Friday June 24th, 2016 and new positions take effect on July 1st 2016. Thank you for supporting the OSCA board member's work by taking the time to vote!

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Our advocacy team has been hard at work! 

Checkout the letter submitted to the Senate Bill 418 Taskforce by our own President Elect Holly Thompson and Advocacy Chair Dr. Gene Eakin. 

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Recent Awards

Don Perkins Professional Development Grants

Congratulations to our 2016 Grant Recipients: 

Diane Hower- Madras School District

Diane created a dream list of literature to use in her school counseling program.  This supports her school district goals to supplement literature to address the diverse needs of her students with strong literature based programs. 

Holly Thompson-  Rowe Middle School

Holly will be purchasing used chrome books to create a counseling department technology lab for students to access CIS Jr. in her school wide program.  They are expanding their College and Career Domains and activities to include CIS Jr. exploration with all students as well as targeted support for students lacking resources such as technology. Rowe Middle School has the goal to focus on school wide AVID implementation strategies and teaching all students about college and career readiness. 

The Ethical Importance of Becoming a Member of OSCA, 
A Letter from Dr. Carolyn Stone 

Thank you to all our attendees, presenters, keynote speakers, and volunteers for a great 2015 conference! We hope you enjoyed your time at Chemeketa Eola Hills.

Our Mission

The mission of the Oregon School Counselor Association, Inc. is to promote excellence in professional school counseling.

To achieve this mission, school counselors organize programs which enable all students to achieve success in school and to become contributing members of society.

Our Vision

The Oregon School Counselor Association, Inc. is the foundation that expands the image and influence of professional school counselors. 

The Oregon School Counselor Association, Inc. empowers professional school counselors with the knowledge, skills, linkages, and resources to promote student success in the school, the home, the community, and the world.

The Oregon School Counselor Association, Inc. is a chartered member of the American School Counselor Association.

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The listing of an organization, a facility, or any other resource with the Oregon School Counselor Association (OSCA) is intended to be for convenience and informational purposes only. By listing an organization, a facility, or any other resource with the Oregon School Counselor Association (OSCA) does not represent or warrant the adequacy or competence of such organization, facility, or resource. OSCA has listed such resources based on the representations or statements of such organization, facility, or said resource. OSCA makes no promises, representations, or warranties that such organizations, facilities, or resource provides the services or information specified, or that members accessing these resources will achieve the desired outcome from such services. Should an individual choose to obtain information or receive services from one of the resources listed, the Oregon School Counselor Association (OSCA) is not responsible in any way whatsoever for the results received, accomplished or not accomplished by receiving, or not receiving, such services.

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