2021 OSCA Board Elections

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The 2021 OSCA Elections are now open and active until 4:00 PM Friday, March 12th.  Please read about the candidates below and make your vote.  Thank you for your participation and for helping OSCA continue its mission to advocate for students and school counselors.

If you are having issues with the ballot form please contact Roberto Aguilar - OSCAPresElect@oscainc.org

2021 OSCA Elections Candidate Guide
President-Elect Candidate:
Kate Shively (formerly Bowles) - Canby SD, Baker Prairie Middle School (7-8)
I'll start by saying how much I appreciate OSCA! As an organization, it's helped connect me to other counselors, provided relevant PD (that can be hard to get otherwise), and has modeled advocacy for the field we love. I had the opportunity to speak about legislation affecting School Counselors a couple of years ago in Salem and I wouldn't have had that opportunity without OSCA keeping me apprised of current events and organizing members. Because of my appreciation of OSCA, I want to contribute in a bigger way. I am a detail-oriented and organized person, as well as being passionate about advocacy, education, and collaboration - which lends itself well to a position like this. Many years ago, I was President of a college group, so I have a little insight into what it takes. I also am newer in the field (6 years as a School Counselor, 10 years in Education) and hope to use my enthusiasm for School Counseling to increase our impact both in our individual buildings and across the state. Even now, School Counselors have to continually justify our roles in a way other educators do not. Professional organizations like OSCA are crucial to continuing the education around why School Counselors are important and making us better through collaboration with each other. I hope to have the opportunity to serve in the President-Elect position.

Elementary Vice President Candidates (listed alphabetically by last name):
Deborah "Deb" Blume - Portland Public, Sitton Elementary (K-5)
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter," MLK
During my twenty-seven years as a professional educator, I have worked to address things that matter for students. If elected your Elementary VP I will amplify student voice and elevate the value of elementary school counselors in Oregon. As a Special Education Teacher, I worked with students who struggled with social-emotional and learning difficulties and I have been a school counselor for fifteen years. Working in three regions of the country in HS, MS and ES has offered me a broad perspective of student assets and needs. I am working to build an anti-racist comprehensive school counseling program. Currently holding certification in Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Special Education K-12, and School Counseling K-12, I have endeavored to understand the whole child and the scope of work that must be done to disrupt poverty and close gaps, especially for historically marginalized groups. I keep abreast of current trends, issues, data, and tools in school counseling. I previously served as a board member with the AzSCA and served five years with the PSSCA (SC), as their Leadership Chairperson. These opportunities and being a part of ASCA Leadership Development Institutes in Denver, Los Angeles, Boston, Orlando, and Seattle have improved the way in which I serve students, understand my role, and advocate for elementary school counselors.

Increasing stakeholder knowledge of the ASCA/state model serves to improve supports and funding for School Counseling programs. Priority must be given to Mental Health Education as it is to Physical Health Education. As the PSSCA Leadership Chairperson, our committee sent cards to all superintendents and school boards in the state, inviting them to work with their counselors to meet twenty-first-century learning goals and create culturally responsive programs.

I was invited to attend an NBC Education Nation, Education Summit, and Teacher Town Hall, in Phoenix, Arizona. I spoke about ratios and was later interviewed, by our local NBC affiliate in Phoenix. I advocated for improved ratios and spoke about the work the AzSCA was doing. Be it in classrooms, with staff, PTA, neighborhood associations, legislators, national and local television, or social media, advocating for best practices in school counseling is my heart and my privilege. Having a strong voice in the community and a consistent seat at these various tables means I will not become silent about things that matter.

Michelle Flores - Hillsboro SD, Indian Hills Elementary (K-6)
I would be honored to be the OSCA Elementary VP because I believe in the work of School Counselors. I feel that our role is often misunderstood and misguided (especially at the elementary level), and there is so much potential for the advocacy of our position. I am blessed to work alongside some extremely passionate elementary school counselors, and I am humbled to think that I would be able to bring their voices - alongside voices of elementary counselors from across the state - to the ears and hearts of OSCA and beyond.

Now, almost more than ever, our elementary students need support - emotionally, academically, and in their career and college pursuits. We are coming out of one of the most unprecedented years in history, and we are quickly rolling into one that feels very similar. Now is an opportune time to dig deep, lean in, and own our position as school counselors at all levels. I believe that being an OSCA Board Member at this point in time is a critical step in moving our work forward. Being a part of that team would be an incredible opportunity.

The need for Social-Emotional Learning is at a high and at the forefront of many District SIPs. Counselors need to be at the table, if not leading the discussions, around SEL and District implementation. Too often those discussions happen without counselor input, and although well-intentioned, direct our work in ways that we may not agree with. As part of the OSCA Board, I would be invested in helping to guide the messaging we need to empower counselors to invite themselves to sit at the table and to be a part of these important conversations.

Being the OSCA Elementary VP would be an honor. I love the idea of growing myself professionally and using that drive to empower others in my role. Passion influences passion! I also believe this position would help root myself and others back to the heart of school counseling- what ASCA sets forth as our grounding principles and what we know is right for our position. I appreciate the opportunity to put my name in the hat, and to represent our phenomenal Oregon elementary school counselors.

Ben Hildner - Portland Public, Scott Elementary (K-5)
I would like Oregon School Counselors to be more of a franchise, leading Oregon's solutions to its biggest problems - social justice, poverty, education, critical thinking, etc. I feel like I have a strong foundation of resources ranging from MtSS and using data, including behavior screeners to preparing ALL elementary students equitably for college and a job market that does not even exist today. I will always push for systems change that focuses on solutions, not problems, and I will use clear priorities, measures, and targets.

Membership Chair Candidates (listed alphabetically by last name):
Erika Fox - McMinnville SD, Sue Buel Elementary (PK-5)
I am interested in becoming a part of OSCA to make connections with other counselors across the state, as well as broaden my understanding of what others are doing to create strong, thriving counseling programs. Although I have only been a counselor for a little over a year, I was previously a classroom teacher for fourteen years. This experience has allowed me to understand many of the working parts of a school and how best to work with staff to reach all students. In addition, I have previously served on the board of my son's preschool. I have had experience with outreach and organizing fundraisers. It would be a fantastic opportunity to help make OSCA grow and connect counselors from everywhere in our state.

Kimberly Ross - St. Helens SD, St. Helens High School (9-12)
I’m interested in continuing to be the Membership Chair because I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of a great organization and working alongside other amazing counselors. I have been a Board Member for 4 years now; being the Membership Chair and the K-12 Vice President before that. I was given the challenge of navigating a new membership system and feel that after many phone calls, emails, and tears; I have the new system conquered. This is how I look at everything in life; give me a challenge and I won’t give up until I have conquered it. My hope is to build our membership so that OSCA can be even stronger. Please consider me to continue to be your Membership Chair.

Toni Snapp - West Linn-Wilsonville SD, Athey Creek Middle School (6-8)
Creating a sense of community to support our students’ growth & development is my passion! My own pathway to School Counseling has been one of many twists and turns beginning with being a history teacher, special educator, special education administrator and most recently finding my place within school counseling. Along this journey in education, I have cherished the opportunities to learn and grow with fellow educators by collaborating and building relationships that ultimately foster the growth of our students. We do not work in isolation! It is through belonging, active participation, and membership we can thrive by leaning in to listen, engage, pause for discourse and collectively press our thinking and actions to support the needs of our students. Thank you for this opportunity to continue to build our Oregon School Counseling Association community through the Membership role!

Outreach Chair Candidate:
Luz M. Rivera - Salem-Keizer SD, Liberty Elementary School (K-5)
As the current, OSCA Outreach Chair, I respectfully and with excitement submit my application to serve in this role for another term. In my first term, I learned a great deal about the opportunities and challenges that our state board has faced. This knowledge has been key in helping me to support the needs of our Board and members at large. In service to the board, our conference events, social media platforms, and member zoom meetings have given me the chance to meet many school counselors from across the state learning as I went along about their experiences and their needs. Our members have shared their desire to have additional resources such as those they can access through the website. They have indicated a desire for purposeful professional and social connections. They have expressed a need to know the benefits of joining and being a member of a state association contrasting this with our national one. I have assisted to address and/or support solutions in each of these areas during my tenure this year. As I look to the future, it would be critical to extend my tenure in this role to strengthen the association further in growing our outreach efforts especially in our rural communities, continue to grow the resources that our members need, supporting the membership chair in growing our association membership and remaining a key support for events and other association business. Thank you for allowing me to be of service in this term.

Secretary Candidates (listed alphabetically by last name):
Pamela CampBell - Gresham-Barlow SD, East Orient Elementary School (K-5)
In my three years as an elementary counselor, I have often felt alone as the only school counselor at my site. I have relied on my connections and collaboration with other counselors to both stay grounded and grow in the work. Since school has gone virtual, I have come to cherish this connection and collaboration even more. When school counselors connect and work together, there is so much we can learn from one another, and so much we can accomplish to support our students and colleagues. My relationship with other counselors has greatly increased my competence and my passion for the profession and has inspired me to seek a leadership position with the Oregon School Counselor Association. I want to be a part of the greater collective. I believe I would do well in the role of secretary because I love to listen to others’ ideas and work together to make those ideas into a reality for the benefit of all students. I am driven and passionate, and I like to look at the bigger picture. I am excited by all of the positive changes that have occurred in the school counseling profession in the last 20 years, and I would like to work with OSCA to continue growing our profession in the state of Oregon.

Stacey Parrish - Ontario 8C SD, Ontario Middle School (7-8)

I am proud to be an Oregon school counselor and member of OSCA. I firmly believe that being a school counselor is a calling. The work we do to support, encourage and advocate for our students is essential.
Having support from others who are called to do the same work, is an invaluable resource. I value OSCA’s leadership and support, especially over the last few months as many of us learned how to do our work in new and innovative ways. I would like to be part of that support for other counselors.

It is for these reasons that would like to be considered for the position of OSCA Board Secretary. I am an organized and detail-oriented person. I have the ability to take concise and accurate notes for our members and stakeholders, which will be an asset if I am elected as your OSCA Board Secretary. In addition, as a counselor in Ontario for the past 13 years, I will also be happy to be a representative for Eastern Oregon counselors in the OSCA leadership.


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