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Call for Nominations!

05 Mar 2014 1:11 PM | Anonymous
OSCA board elections are coming soon!  There are several positions open for election including: High School VP, Middle School VP, Treasurer, and President Elect. 

If you, or a fabulous school counselor you know, are interested or have questions about a position, contact Michelle Jensen (presidentelect@oscainc.org) before March 25th. 

Please send Michelle a statement of interest for inclusion in the upcoming elections.  Remember, you must be a Professional Member of OSCA to run for a position. See below for more information about the open positions. 


Open Positions: High School VP and Middle School VP

Term of Service will be from July 1st, 2014- June 30th, 2016

The Vice Presidents of OSCA shall be responsible specifically for generating interest and activities within their respective grade level and shall assume other duties as assigned by the President.  The term of office for the school level Vice Presidents shall be two years.  A person elected to a position of Vice President shall be employed as a counselor in the work setting to be represented. 


Open Position: President Elect

Term of Service will be from July 1st 2014 – June 30th 2017

The President-Elect, in the absence of the President, shall assume duties and responsibilities of the President. The President-Elect shall chair the Nominations and Elections Committee and shall be responsible for the preparation of the ballots. Nominee's for President Elect must also be members of ASCA. 


Open Position: Treasurer

Term of Service will be from July 1st 2014 – June 30th, 2016

The Treasurer, or the Treasurer’s designee, shall receive all money payable to OSCA and shall disburse such funds as Executive Committee and Governing Boards may direct. The Treasurer will chair the OSCA Finance Committee. The Treasurer shall file a proposed annual budget. The term of this office is two years.


***All elected officers are to attend all OSCA Governing Board Meetings, all Executive Board and Finance Meetings, the Leadership Retreat, and the Annual Conference.  Each board member will write and carry out a plan of action and carry out other duties as assigned by the President. ***

The Oregon School Counselor Association, Inc. is a chartered member of the American School Counselor Association.

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