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LGBTQ Issues

  • 09 May 2011 2:54 PM
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    Deleted user

    What a great magazine the ASCA put out this month!

    I consider myself fairly LGBTQ savvy but I learned some great tips for making our schools safe havens.

    One idea was to express gratitude to the student after he or she has come out to you. Gratitude for trusting you.

    I remember when a high school student I was working with came out to me. He very nervously handed me a tiny piece of paper and waited while I read it. In small letters it said, "I am homosexual."

    I thanked him for trusting me and stated it took some courage to share this information with me. He was relieved when he knew that our relationship was going to be strengthened through this process.

    He told me his mother already knew and that when he finally told her she said, "I knew you were gay since you were 3; I am glad to know you finally figured it out." They have a very positive relationship and I continued to have a strong relationship with the student.

    I felt honored that he trusted me enough to share what is still a tenuous topic for many individuals in our culture.

    In light of this months ASCA magazine, I wonder if you have had some positive "coming out" experiences that you would share with our members? We look forward to hearing successful stories.

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